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Animal Care Now, Inc

Providing emergency funding for animals in distress

Board of Directors Recruitment

Summer 2023

In preparation for the Q3 meeting, the ACN Board requests that all interested persons submit a letter of intent to the ACN Board of Directors no later than September 30, 2023. Application materials should be sent to and follow the prompts below. These letters will be sent to the current Board for review before the Q3 meeting (to be scheduled during the final week of September).


About ACN: Animal Care Now, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2015. The primary mission is to provide emergency funding for animals in distress. ACN accomplishes this goal by offering Veterinary Grants where individuals or rescues with a specific animal in need of veterinary care apply. Upon review and approval by the Executive Director, funding is allocated directly to the treating veterinarian. A pilot version of this program during Q1 granted 22 animals funding for life-saving veterinary care; recipients include 13 cats, 5 dogs, and 4 birds. ACN is a direct support organization; ACN does not operate a rescue, shelter, or foster network. At no time are any animals in ACN’s custody.

Guiding principles:

  • Provide financial assistance so that animals receive the veterinary care they need

  • Guarantee complete transparency, including open access to ACN budget and activities

  • Diversify grant recipients; encourage cross-agency and cross-organization collaboration and dialogue


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