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Microchips for Dogs & Cats of Antigua

Animal Care Now is thrilled to be able to push this worthy fundraiser over their goal! 

From the fundraiser site by No Paw Left Behind:

No Paw Left Behind is honored to help our fellow rescuers in Antigua by helping them get more pets to safety. In Antigua, it is required by law that dogs be microchipped over the age of six months, and any pet that leaves on transport to a rescue in another country is required to be chipped. 

No chips = no lives saved! 

We would like to ask for your help raising this small amount, to save FIFTY lives! 

Our cost for chips is just $6.35, and we would like to send over the first set of 50 chips as soon as possible, so that Dogs & Cats of Antigua can continue their lifesaving work! 

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