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Application for Emergency Grants


Animal Care Now offers emergency funding for pets in immediate need. Please submit the required information below to be considered for a grant.


Funding must be used only for veterinary care and will be paid directly to the veterinary clinic where the pet is treated. Applications must include a current bill or estimate, on veterinary clinic letterhead. 


Rescue Information
Main Contact Name:
Phone Number:
Ok to Text?


Pet Information
Sex: M, MN, F, FS
Identification, tag, collar:


Pet Background
Found Location:
Found Time/Date:

Picture Submission
1.      Picture conveying the emergency need of the pet 
2.      Close up of face
3.      Picture of the pet receiving veterinary care



If your grant application is approved, we will contact you within 24 hours to coordinate payment to the veterinarian. 


All grant recipients must agree that pet photos and information of all grant recipients will be featured on and on all other promotional material and sites. 


Animal Care Now is not an animal shelter or rescue and is at no time the custodian of the pet.


Grant recipients are required to submit at least one follow-up set of pictures and information between 30-60 days after receipt of funding. 

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